Actress’ Daughter, May Agnes Fleming


May Agnes Fleming (1840 – 1880) was a Canadian novelist noted as being “one of the first Canadians to pursue a highly successful career as a writer of popular fiction”. She was the author of “Guy Earlscourt’s Wife”, “A Wonderful Woman” and “A Terrible Secret” amongst numerous other titles.

“Mrs. Fleming’s stories are growing more and more popular every day. Their delineations of character, life-like conversations, flashes of wit, constantly varying scenes, and deeply interesting plots, combine to place their author in the very first rank of Modern Novelists.”

“Who that had seen her form so light, For swiftness only turned, Would e’er have thought in a thing so slight, Such a fiery spirit burned?”

NEW YORK: COPYRIGHT, 1885, BY G. W. Carleton & Co., Publishers. LONDON: S. LOW, SON & CO. MDCCCLXXXVI.

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