Abraham Lincoln, by William M Thayer

 Abraham Lincoln, by William M Thayer

The author of this volume wrote the first Life of Abraham Lincoln−−The Pioneer Boy, and how he became President−−which, after a very large sale, passed out of print in consequence of the destruction of the plates by fire. A Campaign Life of only thirty−two pages, relating chiefly to his public career, was issued at the West, after his nomination for the Presidency in 1860; but “The Pioneer Boy” was the first complete biography of the man. Dr. Holland said of it, several years later, in his Life of Lincoln: “A singularly faithful statement of the early experience of Abraham Lincoln.”

In the preparation of this new, larger, and more elaborate Life of Lincoln, we have had, in addition to the above sources of information, others of even greater value, at least so far as his character and public services relate.


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