19th Century Actor Autobiographies, edited by George Iles


Library of Little Masterpieces In Forty-four Volumes

“This little volume begins with part of the life story of Joseph Jefferson, chief of American comedians. Then we are privileged to read a few personal letters from Edwin Booth, the acknowledged king of the tragic stage. He is followed by the queen in the same dramatic realm, Charlotte Cushman. Next are two chapters by the first emotional actress of her day in America, Clara Morris. When she bows her adieu, Sir Henry Irving comes upon the platform instead of the stage, and in the course of his thoughtful discourse makes it plain how he won renown both as an actor and a manager. He is followed by his son, Mr. Henry Brodribb Irving, clearly an heir to his father’s talents in art and in observation. Miss Ellen Terry, long Sir Henry Irving’s leading lady, now tells us how she came to join his company, and what she thinks of Sir Henry Irving in his principal roles”

Contents: Joseph Jefferson, Edwin Booth, Charlotte Cushman, Clara Morris, Sir Henry Irving, Henry Brodribb Irving, Ellen Terry, Richard Mansfield, Tommaso Salvini, Adelaide Ristori